The evolution of our Swan Soiree

A swan party had been on our radar for a long time. My daughter Imogen adores everything feminine – ballet, feathers, lace, glitter, shimmer, flowers and soft colours and it’s easy to incorporate these things within a swan party theme so we finally had an excuse to try it! Previously my parties focused on fun and whimsy so designing for a more mature party created a steep learning curve where I had to think out of my usual mindset.

The first task after deciding the theme was to come up with a swan party invitation.  This is what I came up with. Meet “Swan Soiree”, available now as a full printables set and backdrop from our shop.

swan party invitation

Swan Party Invitation

Using glimmer, feathers and watercolour effect, our beautiful Swan Soiree Invitations are also available in 18+ matching printable accessories and matching backdrop

swan party food

Swan Favours

When surfing the internet to find swan themed decor, these small old-fashioned swan wedding favours kept popping up. They were given a makeover with a black permanent marker, a glue gun and some feathers and they then turned into smart little holders of Ferrero chocolates

swan party cake

Swan Cake

This magnificent creation was conceived by Alena’s Cake Fancies (catering to Goulburn Valley district, Australia) who were integral to creating the beauty of this table. Alena was able to work with me and realise my vision in cake. I am incredibly grateful to have had her talent on the shoot and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an expertly crafted cake.

swan party decorations

Swan Details

Super Cool Creations from the UK made the beautiful swan mirrors and the acrylic swan stands obscured here in the background.

swan party chocolate wrappers

Swan Chocolate Wrappers and Macarons

To keep with the theme of the table, mature and sophisticated sweets were needed. These gorgeous vanilla flavoured macarons were provided from By Josephine of Melbourne whilst the chocolate wrappers are part of our Swan Soiree printable accessories and are available to buy from our online shop.

swan party dessert items

Swan Simplicity

When creating a sophisticated table such as this, it was the simple things that would make the most subtle difference. These gorgeous looking sweets took about 10 minutes to make and tasted delicious. They were simply pre-made Pfeffernusse that were painted with a dash of metallic edible paint and the look is perfect for what I was trying to achieve.

swan invitation and accessories

Suite Design

The whole swan printables range keeps true to the muted greys with sharp contrasts of gold tones.

swan party treats

Feathered details

To further enhance the swan theme, loose white feathers were glued to the outside of containers to create a feathery receptacle. Toffee bonbons are pictured in this bowl.

swan party cookies

Swan Cookies

The other huge detail on my table that just made it so beautiful was the exquisite work from Karen from Piped Dreams. This incredible lady has got the most diverse and sensational back catalogue of designs and so when I gave her my design to look at and asked her to lend her thoughts to it, I knew that she would come up with something absolutely amazing. And look at them. I am so awed. The gold metallic detailing, the painted feather detail on the wings and the beauty of the lone feathers, I am so glad that I had Karen involved. For those interested, Karen’s business is in South Australia however she posts Australia wide.

swan party table

The Swan Soiree Completed

Overall I am so happy with the overall effect.  The flowers were held in place at the front with wire to the basket behind them and the other details were found in the Christmas aisles (a very handy bonus when having a November birthday). The cake stand I created myself and I may provide a tutorial in a future blog post

party food at a swan party

Chocolate towers

Using a polystyrene cone from a craft store and a hot glue gun, I systematically glued the back of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to the cone. Fill any small gaps with white feathers to complete the swan look.  For anyone wanting to do this idea at home, the towers become very heavy very quickly and cost a lot in chocolate. The ones pictured suited the table at 36cm tall however if I were to ever do this again, I would probably go for the next smallest size.

swan decorated cookies

Vendor List:

Styling, Invitations, Backdrop and Printables: Joyful Invitations

Cake: Alena’s Cake Fancies

Cookies: Piped Dreams

Macarons: By Josephine

Swan Mirror and swan cake stands: Super Cool Creations