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1. I've just ordered. How long until I get my products?




Buying invitations and getting the timing right isn’t easy. There’s dealing with the invitation company with ordering, proofing and getting the invitations and then after that there’s the personalisation, postage and RSVP deadlines that you need to meet. This is why we try to ensure our turnarounds are done as quickly and painlessly as possible. To give a straight-forward answer though, isn’t easy as it depends on numerous factors, including:

  • the quantity you have just ordered
  • how long the proofing stage takes (if proofing is part of the product)
  • where the supplies have to come from / how long third-parties take
  • if there are any tricky techniques on the product

We will keep supplying proofs until our customer is 100% happy and this tends to be the longest part of the process. It can be made faster by making sure that you have a clear idea of what you want and explaining that idea to us just as clearly. We generally say a one week turnaround for fast jobs and up to three weeks for more complicated orders.

Please note that the ability to meet deadlines is also dependent upon the client’s provision of all relevant information and approval, hence why the turnaround time given is an estimate, not a guarantee.  Along the way we give updates to our customers so that they know the status of their order at all times.

2. I need my invitations in a hurry, can they be rushed?



Whilst we endeavour to turnaround orders as fast as possible, at times it may be necessary to organise a priority order so that you can receive it in time. Please contact us to see if we are able to do this readily. Due to the seasonal nature of our business we may or may not be able to fulfil rush orders and at other times rush orders may incur extra charges if overtime work is necessary

3. Am I able to see Joyful Invitations' products before ordering or visit a showroom?



All of our designs are available exclusively online via this website and our etsy store. You may also be able to see our products at various wedding and event expos.

If you are after samples, you are able to buy them here however unfortunately we do not stock our ranges in stores or offer free samples.

4. I underestimated numbers and need to order more invitations / accessories. Can I do this?

Sure thing!  Send us an email and we will help you get those extra products sorted. Please be advised that some of our products will attract a minimum order so it’s advised that the initial order is done with every thoughtfulness. We provide handy ordering guides to help keep you covered in every ordering instance.

5. Why do some products have minimum numbers or pack sizes?

Due to supply, time and printer management, it’s often necessary for us to work out how many of an item can fit on certain cardstock and what will cover costs. By using realistic minimum numbers or packs, we can keep costs down for our customers.



6. I want invitations also matching products but I won't know how many to order until I know RSVP numbers. What do I do?

Our suggestion would be to order your invitations and contact us to let us know about the impending second order. We can create proofs for them at the same time we create your invitations and although we will send the invitations first, when you finally know your guest numbers after RSVP, those other products are ready to print as soon as you give us those numbers and you thereby get your products as soon as possible.


7. Help! I don't know how to work out how many products I need!

On every product page we have supplied handy information to help you work out what quantities you need. If you’re still needing help, simply contact us and we will help in any way we can

8. I am not sure of what I want written on my product. Do you have any wording guides?

On every product page, we have supplied wording guides you can refer to. If that still doesn’t help we are always here to chat to about your needs. Likewise, a simple google search can provide many different guides to help.


9. What alterations can be made to the designs?

Don’t like the colour, the font, the wording or perhaps the position of something? We are very happy to alter our designs so that they fit in with your tastes and preferences. We can achieve and customise most things and if you can’t find the answer on our website, please contact us to see if we can help you out.

10. I would like a customised design, is this possible?

Sure thing! All the information concerning custom invitation design can be found on our website and if the answer is not there, simply contact us to see if we can help and to see if we can fit you into our schedule.

When you contact us, please try to have some ideas or some images of styles you like so that we can get an idea of the type of product you want. Although it may feel like it is helpful to give a blank canvas, it’s much better to give us a vision so we can work out what you’re after much faster.

Please also note that ideas are subject to copyright and Joyful Invitations is unable and unwilling to create products that use another company’s designs. Likewise, any design created by Joyful Invitations during customisation remains our property and we reserve the right to use it where we see fit.

11. What is the best way of submitting information like guest lists or photos?

All information for customisation can be sent straight to:  If you are sending photos, please ensure they have a resolution of at least 300dpi. If you’re unsure what this means, send it and we can let you know.


12. Do you delivery Internationally?

Great news! Yes we do! Simply order and the checkout will let you know the freight costs.

13. What method of postage do you use?

Australia Post is our preferred means of postage and we track our items to ensure that they reach you safely.


14. Can I order a gift voucher?

Sure thing! Contact us and we will arrange one for you.